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Guy Torry Talks Meeting Tupac, Choosing Not To Hang Out, Treach Tupac Fight

Actor and comedian Guy Torry recently spoke with HipHopDX where he explained why he distanced himself from Tupac Shakur. Despite Tupac’s encouragement for Torry to purse his dreams, Torry felt it was best to stay away from Tupac Shakur.

For those who may not know, Guy Torry is brother to Joe Torry. Joe would play the character Chicago in John Singleton’s film Poetic Justice.

This is where Guy Torry would meet Tupac as he tells HipHopDX. “I met Tupac through my brother Joe Torry, who did a movie with him called Poetic Justice,” says Guy Torry.

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Tupac being a big fan of comedy, quickly connected with Guy. “I met Tupac very early when I moved to L.A. to get into standup and he was always in my ear, always telling me ‘get out of your brother’s shadow. Create your own lane and keep at it,’ cause he loved comedy, explained Guy Torry.

Guy recalls seeing Tupac at the House Of Blues and inviting Tupac to a club called Peanuts. “I’d bump into him at concerts and I remember one Tuesday, I think we were at House of Blues to see The Fugees or LL Cool J. He wanted to hang out after and I remember he said ‘What’s going on Tuesday nights, what’s poppin?’ I said ‘well there’s this club called Peanuts, which is a lesbian spot, there usually be some fine women in there. That used to be the spot Tuesday nights so he said ‘let’s go.’”

At this point in time, Tupac would be in a heated beef with his rival the Notorious BIG. The East West drama would lead to Guy Torry putting the breaks on his relationship with Tupac.

Marlon Wayas had explained a similar story where he was advised by his own mother not to be around Tupac during those times.

Guy Torry recalls coming up with an excuse to not continue hanging out with Tupac. “But at that time I remembered ‘wait a minute. We’re at the height of the East Coast/West Coast drama. He was driving a cream-colored, drop-top Rolls Royce and I was like ‘I don’t know if I wanna be ridin’ around with Tupac at like midnight in L.A. at the height of the East/West drama.

Guy quickly thought of an excuse to not proceed. “I had a little pager and I faked like a girl paged me. I was like ‘oh, I forgot, I got this little shorty waiting outside my crib, and he was like ‘go handle that. Where is that spot at?’ I told him where the spot was and I was like ‘Whooo! Dodged a bullet,’” says Guy.

Although he choose not to associate himself with Tupac anymore, it wouldn’t be the last time he would see Tupac. Guy use to perform at The Comedy Store. A spot Tupac would frequently visit.

Currently, according to Guy Torry there is a documentary in the works which will feature exclusive footage from The Comedy Store. It is not know yet if any of this footage has Tupac in it.

It would amazing to see if it has footage of Tupac. Especially with the story that Guy Torry shared with HipHopDX. This of a fight with Tupac and Treach. “Before I started doing my night, Fat Tuesdays at the Comedy Store, Eddie Griffin did a night and an incident happened where Tupac and Treach were sitting next to each other and I guess the fight spilled over to their table. Treach used to wear that big old chain, like not a gold chain but that pull-a-pick-up-truck chain, so he started beating the guy with the chain. So he and Tupac were side by side beating up a guy,” Guy tells HipHopDX.


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