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Gucci Mane To Hold Press Conference Announcing His Future

Gucci Mane is continuing to create hype around his expiring contract with Atlantic Records. The Hip Hop artist has been dropping various Tweets as he prepares to make his decision via a press conference.

Making the announce on Twitter Thursday (June 25), Gucci Mane tweeted, “Should I renew contract with @Atlantic records or go independent big press conference July 3rd who should do interviews???” The Atlanta native has utilized Twitter in June to build hype leading up to his decision.

The day before on Wednesday morning Gucci turned to his fans for advice. “Should I go independent?,” Gucci Mane tweeted. Currently Gucci Mane has been signed to Atlantic Records for thirteen years, and is prepared to leave the label on July 3rd.

Not only is he prepared to leave the label, but is set to announce the news in LeBron James fashion. Back in 2010, ironically in July, LeBron James a free agent, appeared on an ESPN special titled ‘The Decision’. Announcing to the millions watching at home, LeBron opted not to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers and instead joined Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat.

For Gucci Mane it’s all about having freedom with his music. As he once tweeted, “They been want to censor me!”. Along with accusing Atlantic Records of holding him back, Gucci Mane has also accused the label of being racists. In a Tweet that was posted on June 16 and deleted by Gucci himself, he wrote, “Leaving #AtlanticRecords July 3rd these crackers polite racist #SolcySummer.”

Despite leaving the album, Gucci Mane released his latest single on June 19th, which features Pooh Shiesty.


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