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Grvmnt’s Incredible 90-Second Dance Routine To Eminem’s “Godzilla”

Canadian Hip Hop group Grvmnt danced off in the “World of Dance” junior division as they showcased their dance moves to Eminem’s Godzilla.

The TV debut for Grvmnt has them in the semi-finals around of NBS’s “World of Dance”. Season four of the popular dance off show airs every Tuesday nights featuring judges Jennifer Lopez, NE-Yo, and Derek Hough.

Known for their high-impact routines the dance group had been working on their moves for years at their home studio in Vancouver, Canada. The hard work thus far has paid off.

Grvmnt's Incredible 90-Second Dance Routine To Eminem's Godzilla

On the latest episode of “World of Dance” the group faced off against ‘The Young Cast’ in a duels round. Grvmnt’s dance routine was inspired by Eminem’s “Godzilla” hit single. A song in which many have said Em’s third verse is perhaps the fastest rap in Hip Hop ever. According to Genius, the the third verse on “Godzilla” lasts 31 seconds and contains 224 words equaling to 330 syllables.

Living up to Eminem’s fast pace deliver, Grvmnt delivered a high fast paced routine filled with plenty of moves. Perhaps the most moves ever in a 90-second routine, as stated by judge Jennifer Lopez. “That might be the record for the most moves in a one-and-a-half-minute routine ever!”

The performance was enough to outlast the talented group “The Young Cast” who danced off to a Busta Rhymes record. Although they are on their way to the semi-finals, judges feel Grvmnt need to keep the energy level throughout their routines.

Watch the incredible performance below!


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