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Goodie Mob's T-Mo Recalls Hearing Hit 'Em Up With Tupac

Tupac’s Soul Train appearance was one of the topics discussed when Goodie Mob member, T-Mo Goodie, spoke on Hot 107.9 radio.

T-Mo Goodie, one-fourth of hip hop group Goodie Mob, sat down with host, B High, to discuss his single, Renegade. The interview originally aired in 2015, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Goodie Mob’s ‘Soul Food’ album. Involved in hip hop since 1995, T-Mo has plenty of stories about the greats of the genre. One story he told involved meeting Tupac Shakur at the 1996 Soul Train Awards.

Goodie Mob
Goodie Mob

Tupac and Goodie Mob at the Soul Train awards

Held at LA’s Shrine Auditorium in March 1996, Tupac attended the Soul Train Awards dressed in army fatigues. While walking through the crowd with Suge Knight, Tupac crept up on T-Mo, shouting “Goodie Mob, Goodie Mob.” With mutual respect for each other, Tupac invited him to his party that evening, giving him a VIP pass.

Tupac and Suge Knight
Tupac & Suge at 1996 Soul Train Awards

Arriving at the venue with his manager, T-Mo realized people were leaving due to an altercation that happened inside. T-Mo witnessed Tupac and Suge leaving in their cars with a caravan of twenty cars behind them. Driving to Suge’s car, T-Mo’s manager shouted to Suge Knight, “Ay Suge! Yo man. Check it out man, I got T-Mo from Goodie Mob over here in the car with me!” After Suge proclaimed his love for Goodie Mob’s music, he invited them to another club called The Sanctuary.

Talking about his conversation with Tupac in the club that night, T-Mo Goodie certainly appreciated the moment. He said, “Just kicking it with ‘Pac man, standing there talking, chilling with him man. It was amazing to be received by a great like that man and for him to want to do music.”

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T-Mo revealed that he was in the studio with Tupac the next day when he played ‘Hit ‘Em Up‘. One of the first people to hear the iconic diss record. T-Mo recalls feeling “scared to death” after listening to it. He added, “I just knew couldn’t nothing good come from that song with that much going on at that particular time in the industry.”


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