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GlobalStreamingNow Tekashi 69 Live Performance Worth $5 Million!

GlobalStreamingNow Tekashi 69 live performance is set to air in the late summer, as 6ix9ine inks a new deal worth $5 million dollars.

The live streaming deal has GlobalStreamingNow airing via their mobile app a Tekashi 69 performance, where 6ix9ine will perform 12 songs off his new album on September 5, 2020 at 8 p.m. eastern time.

Information about the new deal was not hard to obtain, when Tekashi 69 himself broke the news to TMZ. The deal strictly consist of one live streaming performance from the rainbow rapper people love to hate.

Part of the live streaming performance, viewers will watch Tekashi 69 perform 12 songs from his up coming album. An album in which the title has yet to be revealed. It appears that Tekashi’s post-prison single releases will not appear on the new album.

One song we can expect off the album is part 2 of “Locked Up”. Back in June, 6ix9ine shocked everyone when he posted a video of himself and Akon in Tekashi’s home recording ‘Locked Up Part 2’. Both Akon’s hook and Tekashi’s verse is previewed in the short clip.

Before his social media was put on “paused”, Tekashi had hinted at another top artist feature for his up coming album. At this point nothing is off the table. No one could have imagined Nicki Minaj recording a song with Tekashi. But, then “Trollz” dropped and became the most viewed video on YouTube ever by a Hip Hop artist.

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The hour long performance will also include 6ix9ine interaction with fans on the live stream. Not to mention, Tekashi hinted viewers can expect eye candy dancers, a live band and colorful displays TMZ reported.

Stay tuned for all the latest update on the GlobalStreamingNow Tekashi 69 live performance.


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