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Glasses Malone New Video 2pac Must Die, Orlando Anderson Perspective

Glasses Malone new video has gained positive and negative responses. Depending on who you ask. The 2pac Must Die music video is told from the eyes of Orlando Anderson.

The new video can be interpreted in a negative light if watched and listened to with a closed mind. Tupac loved by many, his departure is still talked about and hard to take from many fans world wide.

Glasses Malone explained the concept behind the song and video during a video premiere party in Los Angeles last week. Malone reasoning is not with any disrespect towards Tupac.

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“If y’all are tired of people dying. Y’all know people dying. Y’all know what happened with Nip. What happened with certain homies on the street shit, is because nobody telling nobody else the truth. So what I’m here to do is I can’t sell you hope. Y’all can buy that shit from other rappers. I’ma sell you the truth. And then its up to you to do what you wanna do with the education. All I can do is bring it to you,” uttered Malone at the crowd on hand.

Many wonder if Glasses Malone has a right to even talk about such a topic. Or if he went “too far” with the new video 2pac Must Die.

Although, understandable a sensitive topic, we must not forget this is Hip Hop. Story telling. Substance. Spark conversations and minds.

Hip Hop artists do have a responsibility. In my opinion their responsibility is to tell a story with substance and leave the listener with something meaningful and useful to live on forever. But on the other hand can this be considered clout chasing? Let us know in the comments below.


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