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Glasses Malone, Charlamagne Tha God Talk 2pac Must Die + Snoop Vs Tupac

Glasses Malone appeared this morning (August 1) on the Breakfast Club, where he discussed his controversial song and video, 2pac Must Die. Charlamagne and Malone would also go on to debate Snoop Vs Tupac.

When asked by Charlamagne why Malone choose to do a song from the perspective of Orlando Anderson, Malone explained by saying, “Well it really wasn’t about dude. I know what it feels like to be jumped. I feel like people lack a little empty. It’s always two sides to a story. That’s what real good hip hop is about.”

Malone speaking on the song ‘2pac Must Die’ is nothing new. Malone has done various interviews with major hip hop platforms in the past week. Mistah F.A.B. and Malone would also debate the reasoning for the song via Instagram Live, which can be seen here in its entirely.


According to Malone, everyone that he spoke to in the Hip Hop community understood the song, 2pac Must Die. Everyone except Kurupt. “Everybody fro the most part that talk to me, understood, except Kurupt. To Kurupt credited, Kurupt cursed me out for 45 minutes on the phone.”

Snoop Vs. Tupac

The debate of Snoop vs Tupac came about 33 minutes in the interview. Charlamagne kicks off by saying, “I didn’t this interview, but it says you was with Jumper. (Watch the interview here) And you said Snoop Dogg is responsible for the way the public views Tupac and Tupac was never close to Snoop’s status. Why would you say such a lie like that, G.”

Glasses Malone response to Charlamagne is by asking, “who was the ni**a in the rap game?” Malone continues by stating, “there was no bigger rapper than Snoop Dogg.”

Watch the full interview below and comment below who you think was the bigger rap star in the nineties, Snoop or Tupac?


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