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Give No Fxk – Migos, Travis Scott, and Young Thug Drop New Video

Three top Hip Hop artist have teamed up and “Give No Fxk”. Migos, Travis Scott, and Young Thug’s new music video dropped Friday (February 14).

The song “Give No Fxk” was first heard at the Sctott’s Astroworld Festival back in 2019.

Give No Fck - Migos, Travis Scott, and Young Thug Drop New Video

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“With it / Split it / Drop-top Rolls / Gutter, machete / No confetti /
Bitch too petty / Big machete / I gotta dead it,” Young Thug kicks off his verse on “Give No Fxk”

“I done been ’round the whole globe and did a few laps and brought back a whole tide / She done spent time in the hood and found nothin’ else is better than that side / I done went set up the Jack and made sure the pack ain’t gotta push packs quite / Stuck at the top of the chain, in top of her brain, can’t fall off at,” Travis Scott on “Give No Fxk”.


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