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Ghetts Joins Skepta On Long-Awaited Collaboration “IC3”

A new collaboration between UK Hip Hop legends Ghetts and Skepta titled IC3 keeps the spotlight on racism.

Both Ghetts and Skepta have built a huge fanbase as a result of hard work over the years. They’re now using that platform to speak about important issues happening in society. Evidence of this lies in the long-awaited collaboration between the 2 rappers.

The single, titled IC3, takes its name from the code the British police used to identify a black person. Firstly introduced in the late Seventies, the police use IC codes for crime recording systems to describe the apparent ethnicity of a suspect or victim. In addition, other codes include IC1 for white British, IC2 for Mediterranean, IC4 for Indian and IC5 for far East.

Ghetts Joins Skepta On Long-Awaited Collaboration "IC3"

Hip Hop in particular has played a major role in people across the world collectively taking a stand against police brutality and racism. This trend continues with the collaboration of Ghetts and Skepta. From the beginning to the end, IC3 without a doubt contains powerful lyrics from 2 of the UK’s best emcees.

Ghetts talks about black men becoming powerful with the line; “Who would’ve thought back then, we’d be some powerful black men.” Following that, Skepta addresses the subject of why he refused an MBE. On the attack, Skepta spits; “The Queen offered me the MBE, I said no and I raised my fist. I went home, got my chieftaincy, now I’m back on the strip.”

In 2017, top UK judge, Judge Alistair McCreath QC, spoke out at the police using the IC3 code. Reading an undercover officer’s witness statement of a black man allegedly buying drugs from a crack cocaine dealer. “He’s described as selling it to an IC3 male, I’m astonished,” said the judge. Furthermore, Judge Alistair McCreath QC goes on to say that only black people” now routinely referred to using the system.


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