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Game Explains Why He Missed Court: I’m Not Giving That B**** Nothing!

Appearing on the Everyday Struggle, The Game addresses what happened with the alleged sexual assault case, and why he missed the court date.

Failing to appear in court The Game was hit with a seven million dollar judgment against him.

The Game would explain why he didn’t appear in court for the sexual assault case. In May 2015, Priscilla Rainey a contestant on The Game reality show filed a lawsuit against the rapper. Priscilla stated that she was sexually assaulted by The Game during a scene of the TV reality show ‘She’s Got The Game‘.

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The court date was scheduled for October 17, but The Game other serious obligations that day. “It’s a lying b**** making up a story, and that sh*t is f****** crazy, cause I had a dentist appointment and I missed court, that a judge would give a b**** seven million as a judgement,” says Game.

Priscilla Rainey
Priscilla Rainey

Failing to appear in court, the judge ruled on Rainey’s favor and awarded her $7.1 million in punitive and compensatory damages. “I’m not giving that b**** nothing, on camera. I’m broke,” Game tells the panel of Everyday Struggle. “It be different if I was one of these weird as ni**** touching p**** in the club. I wasn’t no where near this b****.”

Rainey upset for having to leave the show?

Rainey’s exit during the reality show, ‘She’s Got The Game’, is why she really upset about, according to Game. “She mad cause she got kicked out the show. That was a white people decision. N**** that’s a show. That s*** got a little low key script. They told me you had to go b****. It’s outta my control. Now you mad. You 7 million dollars mad. Making up stories man. Everybody know the Game ain’t gotta touch no p**** unauthorized.”

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Even though The Game indeed had a dental surgery the day of the court hearing. The Judge wouldn’t honor it. According to reports the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals again found that, The Game’s behavior is “truly egregious” due to his history of not appearing for court hearing. “The Judge didn’t want to honor it. I had the real surgent on the phone in court, documented it. He didnt want to honor the s***.”

“Cause I missed the date on some f*** s***. I really didn’t take it serious, and then I had a dental surgery,” says Game. “I had my wisdom tooth pulled. N**** was looking like a Monkey. I couldn’t go to Chicago like that baby,” says Game.

Fast forward to 13:45 in the interview with The Game on Everyday Struggle.


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