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Funko Announces New Tupac Pop! Figures Coming Soon

Tupac fans are in for another treat as popular collectables creator Funko announced two new Tupac Pop! figures as part of the Pop! Rocks series.

Topping off a year which has seen numerous Tupac items going on sale, this news from the leading creator will certainly please hip hop fans. The announcement came on Funko’s official Instagram, posting a picture of the figures with the caption “coming soon: Pop! Rocks – Tupac Shakur!”

It’s not the first time that Tupac has featured in the Pop! Rocks series. In 2013, Funko released a vinyl figure of Tupac, complete with his trademark bandana around his head. The 2013 edition also saw him holding a mic and shirtless, while showing off his Thug Life tattoo. However, because it’s Tupac related and collectable, consequently prices for this edition are astronomical.

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Pop! Rocks Tupac Figures On Sale 2020

The new figures show Tupac at two separate stages of his career. First up is Pop! Rocks figure 158, that looks like the Death Row era ‘Pac. Dressed in a black leather jacket and draped in gold jewellery, it’s very similar to what he wore for the All Eyez on Me photoshoot.

In December 1995, Ken Nahoum photographed Tupac for the album, capturing the now iconic images. Ken also filmed ‘Pac talking about the album and how he wanted to be remembered forever. This Pop! Rocks figure is available to pre-order for $10.99 with expected shipping from February next year.

April 1993 photographed by Dorothy Low

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Pop! Rocks figure number 159, shows Tupac in his iconic ‘Thug Life’ jean overalls and stripe beanie from early on his career. It was modeled off the 1993 photoshoot by Dorothy Low which saw Tupac also wear Karl Kani clothing. Dorothy’s photographs of Tupac wearing the denim overalls appeared in a 1993 edition of ‘Word Up’ magazine. Tupac’s Thug Life overalls version is a For Your Entertainment exclusive and therefore will be available to order soon.

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