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Free Download: The Best Of 2pac And Outlawz Mixtape

Hosted By DJ Rip, 2008 saw the release of ‘The Best Of 2pac & Outlawz’ Mixtape. Consisting of 30 songs, the free mixtape is a must have in the 2pac collection.

The cover for the mixtape is the exact cover for the classic 2pac and Outlawz ‘Still I Rise’ album. A cover which the photo was shot by Fabrice Henssens.

Outlawz member Young Noble via Instagram, told the story of how the photograph for the album cover came about, “Salute and thanks to @fabricehenssensphoto for being at the right place at the right time,” said Young Noble.

“We was ridin’ down Melrose Blvd one day and he just walked up and took two pics of us driving by. He submitted the two pictures to Interscope after ‘Pac passed and as soon as we seen them we said that the front cover!!”


Fabrice would agree with Noble. Right place, right time. Fabrics explained to O4L Online how it all came about, “The story behind this photo is matter of being at the right place at the right time. The day the images were captured, I was making photos of graffiti art around Melrose Ave,” he explained.

It was at this point Fabrice would capture Hip Hop greatness in a matter of seconds. “I saw Tupac and The Outlawz driving, so I immediately turned my focus on to them. The first photo I captured was of them driving away, which is actually the image on the back cover of the album. As you can see on that image the Outlawz weren’t too happy with me shooting photos of them, therefore flipping me the bird.”

The full interview with Fabrice Henssens can be read here.

Download the free mixtape by clicking here.

The Best Of 2pac & Outlawz Mixtape

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