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Fredro Starr Talks Moesha, Tupac, Queens, Podcast

Fredro Starr appeared on The Dinner Club where he spoke about his longevity in the game. He also touches on being from Queens, New York and the talent in hip hop that came from Queen.

The Onyx member also talks acting and how he got started on the sitcom Moesha. “I never went to acting school. It just happen man. Being with Jam Master J. Being around Russ. I had the opportunity to go to audition for Forest Whitaker. For that movie Strapped. You know what I’m saying. He was looking for like a street. He was looking for somebody real,” explained Fredro.

Fredro also talks about Tupac and himself being the two bad boys of hip hop in Hollywood. He also goes on to give his thought of hip hop’s current trends. Will hip hop go back to the baggy jeans era?


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