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Foxy Brown Once Paid DJ Envy $300 To Shop At Louis Vuitton

After Foxy Brown trashed DJ Envy on her official Instagram account, one third of the Breakfast Club fired back!

Before getting into what DJ Envy said about Foxy Brown, let’s look at what started all of this.

Why is Foxy Brown mad at DJ Envy?

Don Pooh who managed Foxy Brown during the nineties when she was one of the top female rappers in the game. The Brooklyn rapper released her debut album in 1996 titled ‘Ill Na Na‘. The album did fairly well and featured the likes of Jay-Z, Blackstreet, Method Man, and Kid Capri.

Foxy Brown Once Paid DJ Envy $300 To Shop At Louis Vuitton

Appearing on the Breakfast Club, Don Pooh was asked about Foxy Brown by DJ Envy. “Whatever happened with Foxy? She had a great album and she had another album that came out and it just seemed like just, things just dwindled off.”

No one thought there was any harm of asking the question. Seem like a logical question to ask given the fact that Foxy Brown stopped making music and Don would perhaps have some insight on why.

Don would respond back with, “She was doing her thing for a while. She actually put out three albums and then, you know, she’s a mom now. Shout out to her a Baby C. She just fell back a little bit. She had an issue with her hearing so she just kinda fell back. Hopefully, we’re gonna see or hear from her soon.”

Foxy Brown quickly went to social media to respond by captioning the clip of DJ Envy speaking about her, “4 MULTI-PLATINUM ALBUMS FCK BOY!!! PLAY NICE! GAVE YOU LIFE! She purposely LOW BTCH! Got injured, bussed back, BIRTHED A GORGEOUS ASS BABY GIRL. Ccksucker 2020 the POP OFF!!!!! AGGY cuz we ain’t do Breakfast Club! DCKRIDER, let KING B*TCH leave your mouth. Dem #BROOKLYNBOYZ outside! #LIL’DJCLUE.”

Since posting, Foxy Brown has deleted her respond to DJ Envy.

Is Foxy Brown coming back?

Foxy also hinted at a comeback for 2020, while hash-tagging Drink Champs, indicating she will be on and tell her side of the story. “Now Now! @djenvy Don’t get stupid with the SUBS! PLAY NICE I GAVE YOU LIFE! STAY with the forever SLICK SHOTS, knowing damn well, I’ve PURPOSELY BEEN LOW. LEFT THE GAME INJURED AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL, AND BIRTHED A GORGEOUS BABY GIRL! AND LEFT WIT A MONSTER MF JOINT KILLIN’ RADIO “COMEFLYWITME” homeboy! 4 MULTI PLATINUM ALBUMS HOMIE!2020 THA POP OFF! Then watch the DICKRIDE!!! @donpoohmusic #LIL’CL #DRINKCHAMPSSOONCOME”

DJ Envy responds to Foxy Brown paying her $300 to shop at Louis Vuitton

Away for the holidays, DJ Envy and the Breakfast Club returned to business on Monday January 6th. Envy wasted no time in addressing what Foxy Brown had to say on the Rumor Report.

Calling Foxy Brown “a little delirious”, Envy added that he did indeed DJ for Foxy Brown. Also adding, “I used to be with her writing team that used to help her write…I actually produced a couple of joints for her I believe.”

Evny would explain why he ended up quitting and never again to work with Foxy Brown. As he reflected on the last show he Djed for her, Envy said he was paid only $300 out of the $70,000 she was paid to perform that night.

“We was on a tour bus she got $70,000 to perform. We stopped the bus, the bus came in front of the (Lui) Louis Vuitton in Manhattan. She gave all of us our envelopes,” explains Envy. “I open up the envelop and it was $300. I said what can I buy at (Lui) Louis Vuitton for $300 dollars? Can’t even buy a wallet. Maybe a key chain.”

Foxy Brown has yet to respond and might not until her Drink Champs interview.


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