FOS Talks New Single ‘Don’t Sit Back’, Power Of Music

The California native, FOS is set on making his mark on the game while using the universal language of music to reach millions world wide.

After releasing ‘WLYD’, FOS continues his momentum with his latest single ‘Don’t Sit Back’, featuring the legendary Outlawz member, E.D.I. Mean.

Praising the up-and-coming artist FOS, E.D.I. is no stranger to the importance in the power of music. “The message is timely considering what we all are going through. It’s a great song with a warning. FOS is a dope artist with something to say!”


We caught up with FOS, who talks about what inspires him, the meaning behind his music, and what’s next.

Can you tell us about where you’re from, and how it help it contribute to the person you are and how it affected your music?

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. I grew up in a era where respect was earned not given. The Bay Area is a big ass melting pot of people.

I was fortunate enough to have friends from all different ethnic backgrounds which I feel helped me in to becoming a global musician. We are all different. That’s what makes us all unique and beautiful. I’m truly color blind (not physically) but my vision comes from my heart not my eyes.

So, when I create music the energy comes from within not just things I’m seeing with my eyes but actual, factual emotions and I know San Francisco played a big role in that!

What does the music you create represent?

FOS stands for Freedom Of Speech. You can’t put me in a box. My music is diverse and has a global outreach. Music is the universal language and I use it as a platform to communicate with people from all over the world.

In the new single you spit inspiring uplifting lyrics. Who inspired you in music in general?

I was inspired by all the great lyricists that paved the way before. Especially music from Tupac. His music was so advance and ahead of its time. His lyrics will always be recite-able. Something I feel every rapper hopes and dreams that their music will live forever.

I wanted to give the listener something they can bite they teeth into. A message with substance and purpose!

If you could have been featured on any Tupac song, which one would it be, and why?

Only God Can Judge Me!!!! That’s my motto everyday, all day!!! I live for my King. I’m here to do his will!

FOS Feat. E.D.I. Mean – Don’t Sit Back

Speaking of the single ‘Don’t Sit Back’, how did you connect with E.D.I. Mean?

After being on tour with the Outlawz in South Africa at the end of 2018, I developed a cool friendship with both EDI and Young Noble. It was only a matter of time before me and the Don dropped some fire!

You mentioned communicating with people all over the world, how was it performing in South Africa and what did you take with you from that experience?

Performing in a South Africa with the Outlawz can’t even be put into words. It was an amazing experience, the people are beautiful with welcoming positive vibes. The food and hospitality was great!

It was dope seeing fans in the crowd reciting some of my lyrics as I performed. I didn’t know I had fans in South Africa. I left there feeling unstoppable. Performing in the motherland was more than just getting on stage and rapping some lyrics. We gave them a show! Something I’ll remember forever!!

What can the fans expect from FOS going foward?

Keep dropping music. It’s a crazy time right now with the quarantine and all. Usually I’m somewhere on the other side of the globe right now so I’ve been writing and recording.

I’m Dropping new music all month every month til we get back overseas once the quarantine is lifted. New album on the way, ‘Freedom Of Speech’, droppin this summer!

Be sure to keep up with all the lasted on FOS via his official Instagram @FOSmusic, and listen to ‘Don’t Sit Back’ via all streaming platforms!


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