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Former TLC Producer Claims Tupac Influenced Left Eye’s Bad Behavior

Dallas Austin interview with VladTV suggests that Tupac influenced Left Eye’s bad behavior. Dallas Austin produced many hits for TLC.

Tupac and Left Eye relationship has been well documented by various people who knew them. Most recently Sky Skeeton, Andre Risen and now Dallas Auston.

Sky Skeeton who had a close relationship with Left Eye was interview earlier this year by The Art Of Dialogue. The Grammy Award-winning artist, explained that Tupac and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ became friends, hanging out together. Over a period of time, Tupac noticed that there might be a connection between them. He suggested that they should just be friends.

Although Lisa did have an interest in Tupac, she was cool with being just friends. After this, Lisa met Treach, who was Tupac’s close friend at the time. Treach and Left Eye would hit it off. When ‘Pac found out, he went off on Lisa.

Speaking to The Art Of Dialogue, Sky says, “Her and Treach did have a thing. Tupac did get mad about it. Treach told Tupac he smashed, Tupac called Lisa and cussed her out. They cussed each other out and that was it.”

As a result, it left Lisa confused about the situation, being that ‘Pac wanted to be just friends. Although she exchanged words with Tupac, Lisa had feelings for him and deeply cared for him. She even went as far as to say to Sky that she and “Pac are like twins.”

Tupac Influenced Left Eye’s Bad Behavior

“Lisa loved ‘Pac, every time we were in the car together all she played was Tupac,” says Sky. “She was hurt for days when he died. She said to me that ‘I did have a thing for him. We couldn’t have been together because us two together we would end up dead!”

“I remember when they called me and said, ‘Look at the TV. Lisa burned the house down.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, here it goes,'” he recounted. “She had this thing that — 2Pac told her a long time ago, ‘If they’re not talking bad about you, they’re not saying nothing about you.’ And she would just act out even more based off of that. Even though I don’t think she meant to burn the house down, she had this streak in her at the time and it ended up being like they lost endorsements.”


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