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Former No Limit Artist Mystikal Recalls Watching Tupac Perform Live

Former No Limit rapper, Mystikal, spoke to Gully TV about opening up for an iconic Tupac concert.

In the video, the New Orleans artist Mystikal mentions opening up a 1995 show for Tupac, although he wasn’t due to perform. Speaking at a hip-hop legacy show in Milwaukee, the Southern rapper says that he was still underground. He was doing a lot of leg work at the time of the show and danced his way on.

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After he performed, he described sitting in the audience watching Tupac perform in awe. He said; “After I did that I gotta chance to sit in the audience and watch Tupac perform. Songs, like I Ain’t Mad at Cha, weren’t out yet!”

A year later, in 1996, Mystikal signed with Master P’s No Limit Records. Although No Limit is considered to be one of the successful music labels in history, CEO Master P, had a very similar introduction to the music world as Mystikal. In the early days of Tupac’s career, Master P opened up for Tupac as well.

No Limit CEO Master P who signed Former No Limit Artist Mystikal
Master P

In an interview with Complex, Master P explained how Spice 1 asked him to open up for Tupac. Being from the South, he was introduced as “Mr P” the country singer but he soon corrected them. “I used to come out for 2pac when the lights were still on. There was one guy dancing, and I told my brother, “I’m going to turn that one fan into millions.” So that’s what I did.”

Tupac On No Limit Records?

As a matter of fact, Tupac almost became a No Limit artist shortly after the two met and before the No Limit explosion. According to Master P, the Oakland based Tupac was liking the concept of his label. Although Tupac didn’t sign, years later, in 1998, No Limit signed Tupac’s Death Row label mate, Snoop Dogg.


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