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Former Head Of Security Says Dr. Dre Visiting 2pac In Hospital Is A Lie!

Reggie Wright Jr. who was Head of Security at Death Row records recently addressed reports of Dr. Dre visiting 2pac at the Hospital in Vegas.

Interviewed by The Art Of Dialogue, Nanci Fletcher claimed Dr. Dre visited 2pac at the Hospital in Vegas after being shot on the strip on September 7, 1996.

According to Nanci Fletcher Dr. Dre visited Pac at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. “I know Dre called me and told me that he went to visit him in the hospital, and he gave me a little info, not a lot.”

Former Head Of Security Says Dr. Dre Visiting 2pac In Hositpal Is A Lie!
2pac (Photo by Chi Modu)

“Dre was really sad. I remember that. He was really sad about it”, recalls Nanci Fletcher. “He said that he went to the hospital, and one of Pac’s fingers was shot off, or something like that.”

Reggie Wright Jr. isn’t buying that story, saying Nanci Fletcher is “full of s***” during her interview with The Art of Dialogue.

“Lie. Never came out there. Definitely a lie. Ya’ll got to remember he [2pac] had just called him [Dr. Dre] fruity as Alizé,” explains Reggie Wright Jr during a Q&A via Bomb1st.

Reggie is referring to 2pac’s lyrics on “Toss It Up” which appeared on the Makaveli album. “No longer Dre Day, arrivederci! / Blown and forgotten, rotten for plotting child’s play / Check your sexuality, as fruity as this Alizé / Quick to jump ship, punk trick, what a dumb move / Cross Death Row, now who you gonna run to?,” Tupac disses Dr. Dre.

Even though 2pac and Dr. Dre did have a fallout towards the end of 2pac’s life, the two were able to produce classic songs together. Dr. Dre worked on 2pac’s “Can’t See Me”, and was featured on “California Love” which was a huge success for 2pac.

“You got to remember, it was a bad break up with us. 2pac was trying to fing out where Dre lived. He was trying to beat Dre up,” said Reggie.

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“Nanci Fletcher is full of s***. That’s not true. She loves Dre, so she gonna make Dre look good. But, she just made up lies. Dre had never said that he did. Dre would have surely mentioned that.”


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