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Fly Kicks For Kids, Jahni Denver, Lil Sodi & Model Of The Week Jenae

The Dinner Club kicks off the show speaking about Nipsey Hussle with Zayd Malik. the panel touches on dealing with the lost of Nipsey and the lost of loved ones in general. Zayd Malik goes on and recalls when he first met Nipsey Hussle, Nipsey as a teen and his rap alias during that time. EDI Don, DJ Don Juan and Zayd Malik also talk about the Tupac Nipsey impact on the world.

Fly Kicks For Kids co-founder Darryl Boykin stops by to speak about something dear to his heart. Fly Kicks For Kids enables everyone to donate sneakers to underprivileged kids ages 5-17.

Already in phase one which started September 2018 and ended December 2018, we raised over $12,000, collected over 200 pairs of sneakers and gifted over 500 pairs of sneakers to schools, goodwill, and group homes. Fly Kicks For Kids are hoping to launch phase two in April 2019. Our optimistic but attainable goals for 2019 is to gift at least 2000 pairs of shoes to kids at schools all across the country.


Darryl explains how the idea came about just under a year ago in 2018. He also talks about Tupac taking his girl at a club, NFL, Colin Kaepenick and Nipsey Hussle.

Visit the official web site for FLy Kicks For Kids

This week The Dinner Club welcomes Jenae as DJ Don Juan’s Model Of The Week. Jenae recently started modelling in 2018 but don’t underestimate her as she has greater aspirations other then modelling. The 2017 Miss California is pursing a singing career. She explains what separates her from up and coming artists. Also touches on which singers influenced her and find out what five languages she speaks!

“If you’re not going through an agency or you don’t already know the photographer prior. I think its important to always bring somebody with you, because these photographers are wierd.” – Jenae

Jahni Denver comes through to talk why he got into the cannabis business. Also talks working with Snoop’s Dogg company Mary Jane and much more. Be sure to visit the official web site for Say Trees.

Also in the building is Lil Sodi as he talks the Nipsey walk that was put together by Big U. “First of all, I had to fall to my knees. I had to fall to my knees and pray about it man. That’s a real step. Forty fifty years of politics you know what I’m saying that we basically going against,” Lil Sodi on the walk. Lil Sodi talks Nipsey Hussle, his music and more!


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