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Florida Emcee Sneaky Claims He’s The Next Best Artist Since Tupac

Florida Emcee Sneaky has said in an interview that he’s the next best artist since Tupac Shakur.

In the interview with Brianna from Hip Hop Weekly, Sneaky talked about how his music is authentic street music. With releasing his twelve-track mixtape titled ‘Trust The Process’ in August, Florida native Sneaky also spoke about the content of his music and how the streets can relate. When Brianna asked him what was his favorite tracks off his latest project, Trust The Process, he spoke about authentic hip-hop and mentions the late hip-hop icon.

Florida Emcee sneaky
Trust The Process mixtape

Being Authentic Means Everything

While talking to Brianna, Sneaky is well spoken throughout, giving insight into a young, educated artists mind. Talking about his style of music he said, “It ain’t about any fabricated bulls*** that’s going on you know. I ain’t just talking about other artists but let’s be real there some bulls*** some people making man.” Sneaky continues, “and hey man this is real music, you probably ain’t heard this s*** since Tupac!”

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Making that bold statement, the Florida emcee defines street music as much more than talking about drugs and violence. Having come from that life and made it out through music, Sneaky can speak from first hand experiences, which make it authentic. He defines street music as everyday situations in the hood, from poverty to hustling, similar topics Tupac spoke about. Speaking on this he said, “it’s not all about trap music when I say quality street music. It’s stuff that goes on in the streets, there’s a lot more than just drug deals going on in the streets.”

In August, Sneaky teamed up with Atlanta artist Derez De’Shon on his song ‘Sun Don’t Shine’. The song’s visuals were directed by So Gorilla Films and is a remake of ‘Boyz In The Hood’.


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