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Finding Your Way Through Existential Therapy w/ Emmy van Deurzen | EP.23

On episode 23, we welcome philosopher and existential psychotherapist Emmy van Deurzen to discuss existential psychotherapy, the importance of feeling connected to the world, finding purpose, and how to develop your authentic self in the face of societal expectations and punishments.

Emmy is a philosopher and existential psychotherapist who is also a counselling psychologist. She has published fifteen books on existential therapy and the challenges of the human condition. Several of her texts are in their second or third editions. Emmy’s official web site.

Finding Your Way Through Existential Therapy w/ Emmy Van Deurzen
Emmy van Deurzen

For a very long time, I was being told that the freckles on my face made me ugly. And as a girl, I had to hold onto this idea that I was ugly because it liberated me from having to become a pretty girl who would give in to boys or who would not stand up on her own two feet. So, I was quite committed to the idea that I was ugly for a long time, and it took me many decades to accept that I was every bit as pretty as every other person and that I could claim my own beauty, as well as recognizing that it was flawed in many ways. Both those things are true.

– Emmy van Deurzen

Existential therapy works to help people create meaningful lives through the creation of their authentic selves. To live authentically means feeling connected to life, from the people you love to the past, present, and future of your own existence.

We often make demands of life, but rarely ask what it demands of us. If we were to stop and listen to its call, we’d discover who we’re meant to be, becoming the authors of our magnificent stories.

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