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Fat Joe Shares Throwback With Biggie, Diddy, Bone Thugs

Not many have the respect from his peers and the Hip Hop community like Fat Joe. Always sharing exclusive stories as he always found himself present to the most ionic moments in Hip Hop. The back story to his latest throwback photo on Instagram is no different.

Joey Crack took to his official IG and shared a photo of himself, Biggie Smalls, Diddy, Lil Kim, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The photo dropped a day after Rick Ross appeared on the Fat Joe Show. Ross was asked to name his top 5 Hip Hop artist of all time. Naming Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, Big Pun, and Biggie to the list, Fat Joe immediately reflected on his memories with the Notorious B.I.G.

Speaking to Ross, Fat Joe said if it wasn’t for him there would be no collaboration between Biggie and Bone Thugs. “I got that record done,” Joe said. “No Fat Joe. No Bone and Biggie.” According to Joe, his close connection with Bone Thugs made it happen when Fat Joe became aware of Biggie’s desire to work with the legendary group. The track was completed before Biggie’s death, and was featured on his posthumous album Life After Death.

Fast forward below to 6:23 to hear Fat Joe talk about Biggie Smalls.

For anyone that doubted him, Fat Joe shared the iconic photo Saturday afternoon (August 8). Captioning the photo with, “This pic pretty much sums it up just another Hip Hop FACT.” Co-signing the post was Steve Lobel who also played a big role in hooking up Bone Thugs with Biggie Smalls.

“Joe they don’t no that your the 👑of this shit all your stories are facts not made up we working 💎,” Lobel wrote in the comment section.

Bone Thugs would be the final piece to B.I.G.’s classic release. According to Layzie Bone in a previous interview, Bone was shock to hear Biggie match their flow. “We didn’t get to hear it until we got the CD. It was off the hook. We was like that ni–a BIG flipping this sh-t. It was all love.”


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