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Fat Joe Explains Why He Squashed The Beef With 50 Cent, Jay-Z [Video]

Appearing on The Breakfast Club, Fat Joe explains why he ended the beef with 50 Cent and Jay-Z to name a few. His time in prison and being offered to play in a 40 year old league, opened up his eyes.

Back in 2013, Fat Joe was sentenced to four months in federal prison to file income tax returns. Earrings that included more than $3.3 million dollars.

Initially the hip hop legend, was facing a two year sentence, but ended up doing 4 months. Pleading guilty, paying $718,000 prior to his sentencing and agreeing to charitable work; all played a part in his decrease sentencing.

While in prison, Fat Joe faced many challenges. Joe shared some of those challenges and experiences with The Breakfast Club. Aside from those experiences, Fat Joe reflected and learned a lot from being locked up. “I learned too much. I learned I wasn’t a young boy no more.”

Why Fat Joe Squashed The Beef?

Fat Joe also has advice for rappers, “What happens is, rappers tune in. What happens is we be hot for so long. Like I’ve been famous since I was 21, getting money. But you think you 21, so we in the club every night, standing on the couch, thinking we 21. So, you don’t take life as serious as you believe.”

It took Joe being offered to play basketball for the 40 year old plus league, for him to realize his window in life was smaller. “So what happened to me was, and this is crazy. This dude came up to me and said “yo OG”, I was like what’s up my brother? He was like “yo you joining the basketball league?” I was like basketball? I don’t play basketball. I ain’t playing no basketball. “Yeah it’s the 40 and over”, I was like what! And that (ishh) was like a ricochet. When I walked away, I was like my god, I’m 40, not 23 no more!”

“I knew my window was smaller. I had to fix a lot of relationships, I knew when I came out of jail, I had to squash my sh*t with Jay-Z, squash my sh*t with 50 Cent. And any loose ends I had out there like that because everybody sides with each other.” So from a business perspective, Joe felt it was best to “open all the doors”.

Turning the page and leaving the beef in the past was according to Fat Joe, “it was one of the best moves I had ever made.”

Beef With 50 Cent & Ja Rule

Speaking of beef, Joe also recalls the time where he planned on helping to end the beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule. “I was gonna bring them out to a concert and I hope this isn’t throwing no one under the bus, but 50 was gonna do it. Then them (brothers) when bad on me. Irv and Ja were like “are you crazy. F you. We got real beef, its until we die.”

Although Fat Joe feels the beef with 50 Cent and Ja Rule will never die, Joe on the other hand says he isn’t about that anymore. “I really ain’t got no beef with anybody. I’m all about spreading love”, says Joe.


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