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Fat Joe Explains To Napoleon Why He Held Tupac Down In Prison

Former member of the Outlawz, Napoleon, appeared on the Fat Joe show on IG Live where Joey Crack explains why he held Tupac down in prison.

“First time I met Tupac I was in Atlanta it was something called, I think it was Jack The Rapper conference,” Fat Joe said. “I didn’t know it was ‘Pac, but he came with a red bandanna, and he had two guns in his hands. And, this the first time I ever met Tupac in my life.”

Early on in their careers the love and respect between the two artists was mutual. Fat Joe recalls the time he was on stage with Tupac and Biggie Smalls at Madison Square Garden.

Shakur and Biggie would give an epic and memorable performance. On that night Tupac finished his freestyle with, “Thug Life motherf—– crime, pays! / Let the cops put they lights on, chase me n—- Zig zaggin through the freeway, race me n—- / In a high speed chase with the law / The realest motherf—–, that you ever saw.”

According to Joe, it was that moment when Shakur handed Joe the mic, but unfortunate for Fat Joe, Big Daddy Kane who was headlining the show did not allow Joe to touch the mic due to time restraints.

Few years later, Fat Joe would return the love and respect back to Tupac Shakur. “Even Pac told us. I heard it out of his mouth that when he was up north in Clinton, he said that Joe’s people held me down,” Napoleon said.

While Tupac was incarcerated in 1995, and at the start of the East Coast-West Coast beef, Fat Joe made an appearance on Hot 97. When asked to weigh in on the “coastal beef”, Fat Joe showed his allegiance to his home of New York.

Those who were aligned with Fat Joe and incarcerated along with Tupac, felt it would be their duty to represent for Joe and New York after getting word of the Hot 97 interview. After receiving a call from New York native and Hip Hop artist Greg Nice, who had close ties to Tupac, Joe ensured nothing but love would be shown to Pac while in prison. “So, I made the call and told them n—–, nah hold him down, its Tupac,” Fat Joe said.


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