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Fat Joe Stopped Wu-Tang Bone Thugs Beef In The 90s

Wu-Tang Clan and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, two of the biggest groups in Hip Hop almost collated in their prime, but that was until Fat Joe intervened.

On a recent clip for JAM TV, Bizzy Bone recalls a time when things got heated between Wu-Tang and Bone Thugs. Both at the height of their careers, and although the two groups had toured with one another, on this particular night that start of a beef was on the rise.

“Now Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony had hooked with Wu-Tang before on the road and on tour and kinda butted heads a little bit,” Bizzy Bone explained. “You know we just had different views on society. On life. We were just from two different places. But, it really wasn’t no smoke.”

Method Man, during those times was the bridge between the two iconic groups. In a meeting between Bone Thugs and Def Jam’s Lyor Cohen, Meth was called upon as that bridge. Cohen would phone call Method Man asking to show Bone Thugs a good time in NY, with the intentions of an epic tour headlined by the two groups.

Wu-Tang Bone Thugs

It was nothing but love when Meth arrived. After the meeting and an eating at a popular Jamaican spot, Meth and Bone Thugs headed to a party in the City. “We walked into the party and its everybody there,” Bizzy recalls on JAM TV. Biggie Smalls, Chris Lighty, Busta Rhymes, Lil Cease, and Lil Kim were all in attendance.

Hours later, Bone Thugs were POD’ed, and things turned for the worst. A member from the WU ended up swinging on Bone, and both groups faced off. “Immediately I got into the middle. I said f–k this motherf–king sh-t. We is not gonna be in your motherf–king city, and ya’ll finna go off on your motherf–king city. We out,” Bizzy recalled.

Bone Thug headed back to the hotel heated, and was ready for a war between the two Hip Hop groups. That was until one phone call from Fat Joe put an end to the beed.

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“Now you gotta love Fat Joe. You know Fat Joe is straight street ni–a. By no means he is a peace maker, but in this situation, he kept the peace. He was like, ‘Like nah it is just a big misunderstanding. Let that sh-t go. Leave that sh-t the f–k alone. It ain’t that motherf–king serious’.”

Bone Thugs agreed to not continue the beef with Wu-Tang out of respect for Fat Joe, who always showed love to Bone Thugs when they visited New York.


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