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Fan Sells Drake A Tupac Signed Check From 1996

Over the years there has been many Tupac rare memorabilia sold at auctions and Ebay. Hip Hop artist Drake is one those lucky bidders who owns a piece of history.

Tuesday night (June 7) Drizzy took to his Instagram story, as he shared a rare Tupac signed checked he purchased off ebay. The rare check is in mint condition and was purchased months ago by Drake.

Check number 1361, was signed by Tupac Shakur with a message to a fan of his. Dining at the House of Blues at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Tupac was approached by a fan who offered to by Shakur a drink. Shakur sitting at the end of the bar, made sure to thank his fan. Pulling his check book, Tupac ripped one check in half and wrote, “Thanx fot the drink”, with his 2pac signature.

Fan Sells Drake A Tupac Signed Check From 1996

Speaking with O4L Online, member of the Outlawz E.D.I. Mean confirms the authenticity of the check and its back story.

Drake, a Tupac fan himself, has shown love to the legendary icon over the years. Early in his career, Drake spoke highly off Shakur during an interview with Artisan News. “If there’s anyone I wish I could be like, it would probably be Pac. Aside from his music which was absolutely incredible, I think he drove people with who he was. The way he carried himself,” Drake said. “I wish I had a little more Pac to my persona.”

Most recently Drake paid homage to Tupac and his Birdie character from the movie ‘Above The Rim‘. In the movie Tupac is seen courtside of a basketball game, wearing a ‘100 Miles‘ hoodie. The brand which was designed by Garie Adamson, founder of the Canadian based clothing line.

Drake And Tupac Shakur Rep 100 Miles Clothing Brand

Drake would end up wearing the hoodie at the Raptors game in which they defeated the Milwaukee Bucks to advance to the NBA Finals. A finals that the Raptors would win and take home their very first championship.


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