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Faith Evans Details Meeting Tupac, Infamous Photo On Fat Joe Show

Appearing on The Fat Joe Show (@fatjoe) via IG Live, Faith Evans explains how she met Tupac Shakur and what really happened with the infamous photo that is forever instilled in Hip Hop history.

Self-proclaimed the “Big Show” as stated by Fat joe, Faith Evans was asked about the infamous photo of herself and Tupac Shakur during the height of the Biggie and Tupac beef.

“When I met Tupac I was actually in L.A. trying to get work as a writer. I was out here writing with a producer on his new group, staying with them in their apartment,” explains Evans. “We just happened to go out that night to the Hollywood Athletic Club. This was between my first and second album.”

Faith Evans Details Meeting Tupac And Infamous Photo

According to Evans, it was Treach of Naughty By Nature who introduced her to Shakur. Music producer Delray Richardson has stated numerous times before that he was there the night Shakur and Evans met. Richardson claims the two met before entering the Hollywood Athletic Club in Los Angeles, California on November 18, 1995.

“If I wasn’t at the Hollywood Athletic Club on October 18th 1995, and had I not spoke with Tupac and seen what I saw that night. I would have never been able to put the dates and times together to bring you this truth, and Link everything together so eloquently,” Delray wrote on his Ig caption earlier this year. (Also view: Everything About Tupac And Faith Evans, Rare Interviews, Photos, Videos)

After multiple interviews, Evans continues with her innocence of not knowing what a photo with Tupac would lead to. “In that moment I did not think me meeting him would lead to anything.”

Faith Evans also claims the photographer was paid to ensure he would take a photo of her and Tupac, which she finally came to realized twenty plus years later. “He was told, instructed to make sure he got a photograph.” Faith would also go on to call Biggie after letting him know she had met Tupac. “I didn’t really think anything of it.”

The infamous Faith Evans Tupac photo was just the start of Shakur’s attempt to take down the Notorious B.I.G., not just musically as he did by outselling Biggie, but also personally. Now with his new label of Death Row records Tupac would release the classic diss record Hit ‘Em Up where he claimed to have slept with Faith Evans.


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