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Fab 5 Freddy Talks Juice & Tells Tupac, Madonna Story

Fab 5 Freddy spoke to VladTv about his first interactions with Tupac and reveals a conversation he had with him while out with Madonna.

The former Yo! MTV Raps host details interviewing Tupac for the first time on the set of the movie, Juice. This interview with Fab 5 Freddy would be ‘Pac’s first on mainstream television.

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The interview in question dates back to February 1991, with Fab 5 Freddy making a cameo appearance playing himself. In between takes of the DJ battle scene, ‘Pac’s first major interview takes place.

Excited at playing the villain, Tupac’s charismatic personality takes over, stating that his role is “sick”. Watch the interview below.

Fab 5 Freddy’s description of how Tupac came across reflects the view of a whole host of people who knew him. He was impressed with how Tupac adapted in different situations throughout his career.

“What was interesting about Tupac at that time, meeting him, his whole persona in Juice was a New York cat. It was an example of how interesting a person he was, where that natural acting ability in him can make him be anybody from any part of the country. I think his Bishop character is who Tupac remained for most of his life in the public.”

Tupac & Madonna

On March 1st 1994, Tupac, attended a party with Madonna in New York for Giannini Versace put on by Interview Magazine. That evening Fab 5 Freddy was also in attendance and he noticed how all eyes shot straight onto ‘Pac.

Being the character that he was, Tupac clowned about for the cameras. As soon as ‘Pac saw Fab he went over and shown him love, with Fab giving Tupac some advice. Reminiscing on that moment, the veteran host tells of how ‘Pac seemed appreciative.

“I pulled him to the side and said ‘listen, Pac, right now for lack of better description you’re Jimmy Dean in this game, you’re a rebel without a cause’. I said make sure when you’re hanging with Madonna in them photos, it looks like she’s with you, not like you’re with her’.

When Vlad asks Fab to name his best interview, he couldn’t quite put a finger on one. However, he does hint at the Yo! MTV Raps interview with Tupac where ‘Pac is seen freestyling with Coolio, MC Breed and Rated R.


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