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Over the years there has been many discrepancies as to what really happened between Tupac and Faith Evans. Many wishing to know exactly what went down between the two, but also when did they really meet?

Getting involved in one of Hip Hop’s most infamous couples was Lifetime with it’s limited series ‘Hopelessly in Love‘. The series dived deep into the love stories of infamous couples in pop culture. One of those infamous couples is that of Biggie Smalls and Faith Evans.

tupac and faith evans

Lifetime ‘Hopelessly In Love, episode aired on January 10 of 2020. The episode focused on the turbulent relationship between Biggie Smalls and Faith Evans. Fans saw some of their stories played out in the 2009 Biggie biopic, ‘Notorious’. But this tell all documentary goes more in-depth about Biggie Smalls affairs with Lil’ Kim and Charli Baltimore. Aside from the infidelity issues, the episode touches on the beef with Tupac Shakur.

Faith Evans angry over Lifetime’s Hopelessly In Love

At first Faith Evans agreed to the series. Claiming she was under the impression it would be a “positive piece”. Speaking to Page Six Faith said, “I feel upset that I’m attached to it. I was told that it would be a positive piece with a little more of my personal background. It wasn’t pitched to me as a story rehashing the sensationalized events that took place.”

“I am beyond that and have no need to open old wounds, damage repaired relationships and, above all, soil the legacy of Christopher Wallace a k a the Notorious B.I.G.,” she adds.

Faith isn’t too pleased with the consistent talks about Tupac whenever her marraige with Biggie is mentioned. “The Tupac stuff, the different women — how many times are people going to talk about that? It was supposed to be a love story, and it turns into cheating and Lil’ Kim. We’ve come so far past that. [Lifetime’s] all about drama,” Evans said.

But why would Faith not be surprised that she will forever be linked to Biggie and Tupac. She was in the middle of it all when it came to the beef between Biggie and Tupac.

Faith claims Tupac asked her to perform oral sex!

On the episode from Lifetime’s ‘Hopelessly In Love‘, Faith Evans tells the story about her recording a song with Tupac. Faith Evans claims Tupac would then negotiate a deal where she would be paid $25,000 for recording a song with him. Faith would be responsible for writing and singing the hook. “I needed the 25K,” says Faith.

At this point Faith Evans told Biggie about the offer from Tupac. Biggie didn’t have a problem with it, according to Faith. Faith Evans claimed Tupac picked her up, and took Faith to the studio. According to Faith, she did not realize it was the Death Row studio that she was heading to until she got there and saw Suge Knight. “All of a sudden I realized like what the f***! This is the Death Row studios,” explains Faith Evans.

Faith completed her part of the deal and recorded the hook for ‘Wonda Why They Call U B****’. According to Evans she never got paid for the song, claiming Tupac wanted her to perform oral sex on him. According to Faith she did not agree to perform oral sex and left without being paid $25,000.

Tupac and Faith Evans

After meeting for the very first time, Faith Evans would go on to record a song with Tupac Shakur, the very next day. The song titled ‘Wonda Why They Call U B****’ would be released on Tupac’s Death Row records debut album, ‘All Eyez On Me’. But, it would not feature Faith Evans, as Bad Boy records did not give clearance for her vocals to be used on the released version.

And, even if years have past, it is perhaps Evans’s inconsistency when speaking about what really happened with her and Tupac that continues to make this a hot topic. Especially when there are different accounts of the story, and in some cases witnesses who were around at the time can paint a different picture.

When did Faith and Tupac really meet?

Delray Richardson claims he is one of those witnesses. Delray says Shakur and Evans actually first met on October 18, 1995, at the Hollywood Athletic Club in Los Angeles, California. Also adding that Treach of Naughty By Nature did not introduce Faith to Tupac in the Hollywood Athletic Club as stated before by Faith.

Faith Evans appeared on Drink Champs in 2018, stating she was introduced to Tupac by Treach. Delray on the other hand witnessed Tupac and Faith speaking to each other prior to the Club that night. That conversation that Delray witnessed came across as if Tupac and Faith had already been talking.

Music producer Delray stands by the facts

Delray took to his Instagram on January 8, 2020 to further explain his stance. “You won’t see the mainstream media report on these indisputable facts. As they have laid out the platform for Faith Evans to willfully and maliciously assassinate the character Tupac Shakur, even after he was deceased,” Delray wrote.

Waiting To Exhale release party, Tupac & Faith Evans

“Video link @o4lonline These are the facts, no need to exaggerate, fabricate or sensationalize. If I wasn’t at the Hollywood Athletic Club on October 18th 1995, and had I not spoke with Tupac and seen what I saw that night. I would have never been able to put the dates and times together to bring you this truth, and Link everything together so eloquently.”

“The lies told by Faith Evans in her book, on @drinkchamps and @vladtv in relation to Tupac Shakur, we’re salacious and egregious but have now been officially refuted and debunked. Most people would ask the question, Why would you do this? And that display of cognitive dissonance from you would be one sided and self-serving for you to ask that question. When the question you should be asking is, why did Faith do this?”

Why would Tupac lie?

“Remember that Tupac Shakur who told us that his mother struggled with substance abuse? And that he only found out his real father was alive after he got shot in New York? That’s the reason why I did it. Tupac Shakur was always open and honest, even when it didn’t put him in the most favorable light. As a real man, I respect that. Rest in peace Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls,” Delray added.

Did Tupac and Faith have sexual relations?

Tupac’s interaction with Faith Evans prior to the club could be indeed accurate. According to Tupac’s ex-girlfriend Desiree Smith, Tupac had a “revenge plot” upon his release from prison.

Speaking to The Art Of Dialogue, Desiree explains how Tupac wanted to have sex with all the Bad Boy records female artists. Lil Kim would also be on the target list. But, Desiree advised Tupac to aim for Faith Evans, as she would more vulnerable and easier given the fact that Biggie had already cheated on her.

Desiree Smith also revealed during the interview the time Tupac called her when he completed his “mission”. Stating that Tupac told her he had sex with Faith and recorded music with her as well.

The red room

Deseriee Smith isn’t the only one that can testify that Tupac and Faith Evans had a sexual relationship. Although, Reggie Wright Jr. wasn’t told by Tupac, but he did see something that was a bit odd.

During an interview with Cam Capone News, Reggie tells his own experience when it comes to Faith and Tupac. “They were sitting in a little, we call it a red room. It’s like a little private room, no bigger than a bathroom. They had a little couch in there. That’s where ni–as went to either womp on somebody or mainly to go and hook up with a chick. And He was sitting in that room. For some reason I was going in to that room. Or checking around, doing studio checks and all. And, they were in there and he was pushing at that time her head down towards his gentiles. That’s all I saw,” Reggie Wright Jr said.

Faith Lies In Her Book?

Producer Delray Richardson, fact checked Faith Evans on her lies she stated about Tupac throughout her book ‘Keep The Faith: A Memoir’. One of those lies Delray exposes, is the date when Tupac and Faith record ‘Wonda Why They Call U B****’.

Faith Evans claims she recorded the song with Tupac on November 14, 1995, after the ‘Waiting To Exhale’ movie release party. This couldn’t be possible because as Delray explains, Tupac was interviewed by Chuck Phillips while Faith and Tupac recorded the song together.

At the start of that interview, Chuck Phillips can be heard clearly that the interview was taken place on October 19, 1995. This perhaps reassures that Faith Evans lied in 1996, claiming she never went into the studio with Tupac.


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