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Encore Fest Welcomes The Outlawz

Encore Fest have legendary hip-hop group, the Outlawz, gracing their stage, in Moscow, Russia. They will be performing at Encore Fest at the ZIL Culture Centre in Moscow on Saturday, June 15th, along with Asap Illz and NBA affiliate, Bone Collector, to name but a few. As with most festivals, there are activities in addition to music. Activities on offer are an arts fair, Russian Cuts DJ battle and dance battles on the ‘Barcardi Dance Floor’.


The Encore Fest has two music scenes, urban and acoustic. It will feature a whole host of DJ’s and artists showcasing their talents. In addition to the Outlawz, the festival has attracted a big name in the streetball world that pulls in a crowd. Larry Williams, also known as the ‘Bone Collector’, is regarded as one of the best streetball players of all time. Larry also gives lessons to NBA players, passing on his expertise. This promises to be a great event to unite hip hop and celebrate music, sport and art together. Just as the Encore Fest slogan states, hip hop, one love.

Encore Fest
Young Noble & Edi Don at John F. Kennedy International Airport

Both EDIDon and Young Noble flew out on Wednesday, with their first stop being Moscow. Since arriving, the Outlaw veterans have visited the biggest Nike store in Europe, with Edi describing it as ‘sneaker head heaven’. They even had time to shoot some hoops with the locals and mingling with fans. It’s not the first time that the hip hop legends have proved how genuine and sincere they are. In December 2018, during their Motherland tour in South Africa, they took time out to visit the locals, talking to them and uplifting them.


Are you going to be celebrating Tupac’s birthday with the Outlawz and attending the Encore Fest? If so, we want to hear from you! Send an email to [email protected] or comment below with your details.


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