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Eminem Is Gifted The Sony PS5 By Old Saint Nick

Saturday night Hip Hop artist Eminem got his hands on the brand new Sony PS5 with stans or rather Stu looking on in envy.

After going on a break since Dave Chappelle hosted, Saturday Night Live was back and quickly made headlines with their Stan Christmas spoof. Led by SNL’s Pete Davidson, the comedian recreates Eminem’s Stan music video.

Stu played by Davidson is seen writing Santa Claus a letter requesting a Sony PS5. With every passing verse, Stu becomes more and more angered with old Saint Nick.

Eminem Is Gifted The Sony PS5 By Old Saint Nick
Pete Davidson

“Dear Mr. Holly-Jolly-Two-Faced-Son-of-a-B / I hope you crash your sleigh and wind up face-down in a ditch / I guess even the great Saint Nick can’t track down a PS5 / Hey Santa, I drank a fifth of eggnog, dare me to drive?,” Davidson rapped in the hilarious skit.

The 27-year-old Davidson was not alone, as Bowen Yang hit the piano keys as Elton John and Kate McKinnon sang the chorus as Dido. “This year, Christmas will be bad, ‘Cause Santa sucks and Stu is sad / Already asked you very nicely, And now he’s really pissed off / I’m just telling you, ‘Cause I like you a lot / I’m a big fan of Santa Claus, And I also want a PS5,” Elton (Bowen Yang) on the hook.

Closing out the spoof, was Eminem himself who received a PS5. “To Shady, from Santa. That’s crazy a PS5, I didn’t even ask for this. I guess Shady must of been a good boy this year,” Eminem said.

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Marshall Mathers also took to twitter with the following tweet as he retweeted SNL’s Stu skit, “You f’ed up, Stu…”


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