#Flashback Edidon – The Move-Ment (Official Music Video)

Put your fingers in a circle & throw up a 4, show an L for them losers

‘The Move-Ment’ was the first single off Edidon’s first solo album ‘The Hope Dealer Pt.1.’

Released on June 2nd 2015 by O4L Digital, ‘The Move-Ment’ contains an uplifting message from the legendary rapper. He also gives advice to aspiring artists, motivating them to succeed.

“I’m a made [email protected]@a passed tense, that mean I been there! Oh, you just gettin’ started my [email protected]@a, good luck!”

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‘The Move-Ment’ music video, directed by Jae Synth, was filmed in Birmingham, UK, during the Outlaw International Tour. It contains clips of music videos that Edi has appeared in including Made Niggaz, Hit Em’ Up & Karma.


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