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EDI Talks Outlaw Immortalz Documentary With HipHopDX

“..inspire a younger generation to want to put some more of their stories and honest stories into the music”

Earlier this week, O4L Online broke the news about an upcoming Outlawz documentary. Outlaw Immortalz which is based on a true story, takes the viewer on an emotional roller coaster ride starting on the east coast streets of New York and New Jersey, all through the wicked hoods in Los Angeles and way across seas to Europe. Outlaw Immortalz executive produced by Young noble, EDI DON and Napoleon will be a 10 episode series.

HipHopDX spoke with EDI about the documentary. “The Outlawz story. We plan on getting the bill for that this year. We want to do it a little differently than a biopic. We’re going to do a 10-episode series. Maybe two to three seasons where we can really flush out the details of the Outlawz story because there’s a lot that was overshadowed by the big, bright shine of Tupac Shakur.”

Part of that has lead to many not knowing much about the Outlawz. Not knowing things such how they came together. How dedicated they were to the music as they were to Tupac Shakur. “I would love people to know how serious and how dedicated we were not only to Tupac — our comrade and our big brother — but also to the music. We took the music part of it very serious”, EDI expalins to HipHopDX.

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What has made the Outlawz legacy strong 20 plus years later, is their transparency. Being able to show their fans all sides through their music. The ups and downs. The good and bad times.

“Human beings are 360 degrees. We are a combination of everything and so we got to put that in the music for it to be authentic and for it to really transcend. Right now, it’s stagnant. How many of these artists and their songs are going to transcend a decade? I think that’s a valid question”, EDI tells HipHopDX.

The complete interview with HipHopDX will be released soon.

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