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EDI Shares Rare Clip Of Tupac Freestyling

Over the years many have not shied away from voicing their opinions on Tupac Shakur. Not to say it’s wrong for having an opinion. Bad or good. The problem is when that opinion is pure hate and non factual.

With Tupac comes hate. Some hate and some use it for clout. For some it could result in career suicide when you disrespect one of the greats.

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We have seen such hate from the likes of Funk Master Flex and Wack 100 to name a few.

At the end of 2018 Dave East and Styles P appeared on Hot 97 where they would discuss the history of Hip Hop with Funkmaster Flex. Dave East and Styles P recently released a collaboration album titled Beloved.

During the conversation Funkmaster Flex asked who would they consider on their top 5 MC’s from the 90s and 2000s era. Styles P goes on to add Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas, The Lox. Dave East intervenes and mentions Tupac’s name which Funkmaster Flex had mixed feelings about. “The Pac thing sometimes gets swapped out for me depending on where im at on Eminem,” explains Funk Flex. Dave East agrees to a certain degree, “Talking bars, I wouldn’t put Pac in that. He was more of a, I felt Pac.”

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Styles P goes on to give his thoughts on Tupac, “I always felt he was the poet of our time in music. There was times where he went lyrically ape shit but there was times when I went he wasn’t the most lyrical dude. He was very much poetic.”

While Dave East and Styles P give their opinions, which doesn’t always have to be in favor of Tupac. Flex on the other hand, there is no secret his hate towards Tupac.

The other side coin, pure love. Love expressed by those who will always help Tupac’s legacy live forever.

That love can be expressed in various ways. Although many don’t always agree how it is expressed in times of hate, we should always see the bigger picture. It’s not worth playing into the hands of haters.

Long time childhood friend of Tupac and Outlawz member, EDI Mean took to Instagram to express his feelings. This wasn’t particularly aimed at anyone, just in general as explained by EDI.

EDI uses a rare clip of Tupac from the song Breathin. The clip where Tupac freestyles off the top of his head.

EDI goes on to explain by captioning the clip, “Bars off the top too. I laugh to myself when fools say This guy wasn’t lyrical or didn’t have flow, patterns, delivery and content. Ahead of his time but right on time at the same time. And I usually don’t do this either, my attitude is let em fight with a ghost if they want ??‍♂️ His work speaks for it self but this is a rare snippet of Him In rapper mode … sheesh.”

Update April 9, 2019
The audio clip via EDI Instagram is no longer up. Below is the full song of which the audio clip came from.


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