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EDI On ‘Talk About It’, Tupac’s Song Making Everyone Cry, Noble’s Loyalty

E.D.I Mean breaks down the song ‘Talk About It’, which is featured on ‘Classics In Session’ dropping this Friday (May 1st), with pre-order available on all streaming platforms.

With any pre-order and following specific rules (see below), fans have the chance to hear an exclusive song off the new project. Titled ‘Talk About It’, E.D.I Mean mentally vents on the two-minute and fifty-four second exclusive.

We caught up with E.D.I to take a further look into the song ‘Talk About It’, as he also reveals which Tupac song made everyone cry.

E.D.I Breaks Down 'Talk About It', Talks Young Noble, Tupac

“Lost love, cause I chose to love me / Instead of the ni**a they was wanting me to be / Mental incarnation, yeah I had to trade places / Now I fly freely on a frequent basis.”

When did you make the switch from choosing to love yourself and not continue to be what others wanted you to be? Was there a particular braking point?

It was a gradual evolution. But started at the beginning of the decade.

Who’s love did you lose during this process?

Fake friends and so called “fans”.

Respect and Pride featured on Classics In Session

Why do you think fans still want you to live in the past, particularly 1996?

The nineties are a golden era for most of us thirty-five and up. People are overly nostalgic especially when it comes to music.

“Started as a hobby me, and Kas, and Kadafi / Never knew where it would take me, the journey tried to break me / But the truth is, it made me / I’ma made ni**a baby / Despite the ups and downs, stay down till it paid me.”

Tupac, E.D.I, and Kadafi

When did it go from a hobby to deciding to become an artist?

That line is me reminiscing on a time of innocence. When it was fun and the way we escaped. Of course things change when money and fame come into play. Life happens. Change is always in motion. We never know how it unfolds. Could’ve broke me but I am built different.

My n**** Nob been solid, he never switched up / Stood strong, alone, when n***** b***ed up / Fatal wouldn’t even have a headstone / Ya’ll speaking down on his name, you know you dead wrong.”

E.D.I Mean, Young Noble, Hussein Fatal
E.D.I, Young Noble, and Hussein Fatal

How big of a role has Young Noble played in the movement after Tupac, and in what ways that many do not realize?

He was and is the most consistent member since he came aboard. Most if not all of us who are still living either retired or took a “break” He never put down his flag.

Which song on classics in session would a Tupac verse fit the best and what would he say?

Talk About it would be one for sure. Ain’t no telling with him! His pen had no limits.

Speaking of Tupac, which song of his after he had recorded it or while recording, impressed you the most, and why?

It was a unreleased song from his demo he made before he signed to Interscope called Tears of a Clown. He played it for some of the elders in the family and they were all in tears when he was done.

In order to qualify for a chance to hear the exclusive song officially via the O4L Online Network, you must do the following:

  1. Pre-Order the album ‘O.G. Part 2: Classics In Sessions’
  2. Show proof of the pre-order transaction with a screenshot
  3. Post the screenshot on your Instagram and tag @edidono4l

Pre-order is available via Google Play Music, iTunes. Those who qualify will be sent an email via the O4L Online Network with a link to listen to the exclusive song!


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