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EDI DON Special Guest On Smokin & Jokin’ Podcast

We came up with this Outlaw Immortal thing we put together while he was in prison in ’95”

Edi Don recently appeared on the ‘Smokin & Jokin’ podcast. The podcast, which was recorded on November 20th, is hosted by Tatu, Big Duke, BlackOwned C-Bone and PC Pele. It’s topics range from sport and music to hood talk & politics.

In this episode, Edi Don, from the legendary hip-hop group The Outlawz, starts off by breaking down the meaning of his name. “Edi Mean was a African. America liked to call him a dictator, but he was running shit in Uganda. He took over the Country. Ran the army. Kicked a lot of people out of Uganda that he felt was taking up space and using the Country for the wrong reasons. Edi Mean was given to me by ‘Pac when we was switching our names up. We came up with this Outlaw Immortal thing we put together while he was in prison in ’95,” Edi explains.

Throughout the podcast different topics were brought up. Edi was asked to name the original Outlaw members and told of how The Outlawz came to be a group. They also touch on the 2017 Tupac biopic ‘All Eyez on Me’. Also the possibilites of a follow on to the movie which will tell the story of The Outlawz. Showing what happened after Tupac died.


The Hope Dealer

Speaking on the concept of The Hope Dealer, Edi reveals that he started calling himself The Hope Dealer around 2009. At this time when he was living in Atlanta. He was going through a rough time where he needed some hope. He also felt that the world could do with some too. For the Outlaw OG, the best way he could give hope was through music.

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“I just started putting that shit in my music and just started calling myself that. Eventually it led to me doing a project, which was well received. Now I’m doing another one” Edi speaking on The Hope Dealer projects.


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