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EDI DON Pays Tribute To Tupac In Russia

Outlaw OG Edi Don recently spoke with Russian radio station Studio 21 at the Encore Fest last month.

The Outlawz performed at ZIL Culture Centre in Moscow, Russia, on June 15th, at the Encore Fest, to a vibrant and appreciative audience. This special appearance in Russia was the groups third, with the locals appreciating the hip-hop legends. Fans who attended describe the show as amazing and wonderful, putting them in high spirits. On the eve of Tupac’s 48th birthday, they ran through their classics including Hail Mary and Hit em’ Up.

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A video posted on Studio 21’s YouTube, shows the highlights from the festival, including interviews with fans and artists alike. Edi Don, enjoying the vibe of the evening, gave props to his heavenly friend, saying that he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Tupac.

Speaking backstage at the festival, Edi said; “happy birthday Tupac Shakur. I thank and honor his spirit for giving us a chance because without him I probably wouldn’t be here talking to you. Happy birthday ‘Pac.”

Asked if he thought if any artist has lived up to Tupac’s skills, Edi Don gave a gracious answer. Not one to talk down any other artists, Edi stated it would be unfair to compare. Going deeper, he explained that everybody is unique and has different qualities and skills.

Edi Don On Tupac’s Influence

Rather than compare, Edi Don highlights how influential the former Outlawz general was. Referencing ‘Pac’s 1994 MTV interview in which he famously says that he will spark the brain that will change the world, Edi speaks straight from the heart.

“He said he would spark the brain that changed the world and he’s sparked millions of brains! They are all trying to change the world as we speak right now.”


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