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EDI Don, Napoleon Comment On Tekashi 6ix9ine Federal Charges

“the reality is, they didn’t really care about him”

Tekashi 6ix9ine and members of the Trey Way gang were arrested and indicted on multiple federal charges earlier this week. Some of these charges includ armed robbery, racketeering and drug trafficking.

364 days after releasing his hit single Gummo which started his success, Tekashi can possibly face life in prison.

The Tekashi story has many layers and could be used as a valuable lesson for his peers and the younger generation. For the veterans this is all too familiar. Many throughout hip hop have voiced their opinions.

Outlawz members EDI Don and Napolean voices their thoughts via their official Instagram accounts.


Crazy how this youngster is now facing life in prison, where was his so called OG’s? How come they allow him to put himself in this situation, because the reality is, they didn’t really care about him, if someone’s around you who suppose to be your OG or big homie, and if they ain’t trying to lead you into a positive direction, then they are no different then your enemy, it’s definitely a sad thing, but I guess those who’s in charge, is no longer putting up with rappers pushing a certain image, you either play by their rules or get shut down, if you ain’t pushing the agenda or not fully dedicated with pushing their agenda, they will shut you down or destroy you, he might’ve been to wild for them ??‍♂️ May Allah give him hidyah!

A fan would then ask Napolean about Suge Knight and Tupac. Napolean explained that despite what people thought, Suge and Tupac had love for each other. Napolean would go on to say that no one at that time could control Tupac, not even Suge.

EDI posted the following via his Instagram as well.


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