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EDI Talks 2pac Vegas Night, Suge Behind Bars With HipHopDX

EDI Describes Suge Knight’s Current Fate As Unfortunate

In part 2 of EDI Don’s interview with HipHopDX, The Hope Dealer discusses the 2pac Vegas night and Suge Knight.

The night 2pac was shot in Vgeas, EDI, was in a car right behind 2pac and Suge Knight. After hearing gun shots fired at the BMW, EDI only hoped that everything would be alright, “He had been through so much already. I just really, really, really wanted him to be alright. You know what I mean? That’s really it. That’s really the only thing I could think of. I was just concerned. You know what I am saying? For him and Suge to be honest with you. I was concerned for both of them.”

When asked about Suge, EDI expressed his thoughts on Knight’s current situation, “It’s really unfortunate. That’s really the main emotion that comes to mind when you think about it. Somebody that literally had the game in the palm of his hand at one time. It’s unfortunate to see where he’s at now.”

Suge Knight who is currently serving a 28 year sentence. Knight won’t be eligible for parole until 2037. Suge Knight accepted a plea deal in 2018. The decision to accept a plea deal was explained by his son Suge J Knight during an interview with The Dinner Club. The very show hosted by EDI.

Young Noble Responds To Suge Knight Facing 28 Years In Prison

EDI spoke optimistic about Suge Knight to HipHopDX and hoped many can learn from it, “His journey is not over as long as he is breathing. There’s a bunch of lessons to be learned. It’s also a cautionary tale for young, up-and- coming Hip Hop moguls in the making. Let’s learn from the mistakes of our predecessors.”

Hope Is On The Way

HipHopDx would also speak to EDI about his new album, The Hope Dealer PT 2. EDI explained the origin of the hope dealer, “Doing the music and staying in the studio and creating gave me hope. And so I just started calling myself the ‘Hope Dealer’ one day. It just kind of came out naturally. I’m the ‘Hope Dealer.’ I need hope. I give hope. It stuck. A couple of years after that, I was working on a project. I wanted to put a solo album out. The first real solo album of my career. I said, ‘Fuck it, let me name it the Hope Dealer.”

2pac and the Outlawz music have stood the test of time. Creating music that has and will live forever. Something that EDI sees often as he explained to HipHopDX, “I literally have 14, 15, 16-year-olds that DM me, message me and email. Saying things like, ‘I wasn’t even alive when you guys were running around doing your thing, but I love this music and you guys are great.’ So that’s dope. Music is forever.”

Music that will indeed live forever and have helped to inspire. Recently O4L Online interviewed long time fan, Brandon, who says 2pac and the Outlawz saved his life. While going through rough times, 2pac and the Outlawz music gwas Brandon’s inspiration. Brandon would also go onto to have a heart felt and emotional conversation with Outlawz member Young Noble. The interview and video of that conversation can be be viewed here.

Read the full interview with HipHopDX, here.


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