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ED Lover Claims Tupac Snitched, E.D.I Mean Responds Back!

Legendary Outlawz member, E.D.I Mean, fact checks ED Lover’s comments about Tupac Shakur.

Comedian and actor, Michael Rapaport appeared on the C’Mon Son! The Podcast, where he and host ED Lover spoke about Biggie and Tupac.

Initially posted by The Art Of Dialogue via his official Instagram account, ED Lover recalls the times he, Biggie, Stretch, and Tupac, were all around each other quite often according to Ed Lover.

“We were always together. When Pac touched down, what people don’t realize we didn’t really have cellphones like that. We had the two-way pagers,” explained the former MTV VJ. “So you two-way them, ‘Yo I’m at the airport somebody come swoop me’. We scoop him [Tupac].”

ED Lover goes on to retell the time Tupac was shot in 1994 at Quad Studios in New York. Explaining why he believed Biggie had nothing to do with the shooting of Tupac shakur, as he gives a play-by-play account of the night.

ED Lover Claims Tupac Snitched, E.D.I Mean Responds Back!

Problem with that, is ED Lover was not there the night of the shooting. When asked by Michael Rapaport if he was there that night, ED Lover replied, “No I wasn’t. I was at home. But you know Stretch was my dude.”

“Stretch and Pac ran like this,” added ED Lover as he crossed his two fingers indicating how tight they were. At one point Tupac and Stretch had a tight bond, that was until Tupac felt Stretch betrayed him.

“BIG had nothing to do with setting Pac up. Nothing to do with that. That came from whoever booked that studio time. That came from Jimmy Henchman talking to Haitian Jack, and everybody f***ing knows that.”

ED Lover would go on to claim that Tupac “snitched” during his Vibe Magazine interview, which he claims was the reason why he was shot. “It was because Pac talked in that Vibe Magazine article when that rape, sexual assault happened. He named names, and where we come from that’s snitching.”

As The Art Of Dialogue pointed out, the Tupac interview with VIBE Magazine took place after the 1994 New York shooting, not before.

Member of the Outlawz and childhood friend of Tupac Shakur, also took expectation to ED Lover’s comments.

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Commenting on The Art Of Dialogue’s post with, “Two way pagers weren’t out when Pac was alive making this interview flawed at best. Also in the Vibe interview Pac never said any names @edlover come on son!!”


  1. The article was that Ed Lover is talking about is not the one with Pac on the cover its an earlier article before he was sentenced he referenced some people who didn’t want to be mentioned and it was also the 1st time he publicly took a shot at Puffy right b4 Me against the world dropped and 4 da dude that said 2way pager were out had 1 high and I graduated in 97

  2. Was born in 99 been doing research on everything pac since 2014 been listening to pac for even longer brother was a huge fan but i have become consumed by this all and would like to no everything possible if anyone could indulge a young fan that would be much appreciated

  3. Tupac ain’t snitch because he was only person to go to jail for it. Everybody knows who raped that girl ….that’s was regular streets talking

  4. He always seem like a hater shut up the man dead and gone they still talking about him that’s the only way they can get some fame

  5. true pac snitch? hahahha thats the last person who can snitch bitch better think what do u say he can hit u up even from the grave.

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