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Ebro In The Morning Discuss Tupac As The Biggest Icon In Hip Hop

Paying tribute to Tupac Shakur on his 49th birthday is Ebro in the Morning on Hot 97, as they discuss whether or not he is the biggest Hip Hop icon ever.

Ebro, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez reflect on the East Coast West Coast war, books written by Shakur, documentaries, and his impact on Hip Hop.

“Tupac as a quote West coast representative, was always the most overstated thing,” co-host Peter Rosenberg said. “Like he just became Mr. West Coast, but he was really everywhere. He’s not really a West Coast rapper in style.”


“Pac was talking that talk. Pac was controversial. Complicated individual, like many of us as human beings,” Ebro said. “Tupac is easily the most iconic rapper that Hip Hop as ever had. The lure of Tupac. The Stories. Pac is one of those people, that like even today, ‘If Pac was here right now’.”

Despite various topics that Tupac touched on with his music, co-hosts of Ebro In The Morning emphasize what was truly important for Shakur. Noting that every time Tupac did an interview it was about uplifting his people.

“He was talking about the oppressor. About plans moving forward and how your mind is being twisted and how its being used against you,” Ebro explained.

Changes and Keep Ya Head Up is heard in the background during this episode in tribute to Tupac Shakur’s 49th birthday. Watch it below!


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