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E.D.I. Mean’s Releases New Single “Ridin” [Listen Here]

Despite 2020 going down in history as a year one would love to forget, Hip Hop has not disappointed. Various artists have come to the forefront with quality music to help ease the pain and keep our minds away from the world and its troubles. Include E.D.I. Mean in that conversation as he releases “Ridin”, the new single from the hope dealer.

After releasing his successful project with OG Part 2: Classics In Sessions, E.D.I. Mean continues the momentum with his latest loose single. Produced by KLOCKWORK from Australia, “Ridin” inspires listeners to keep it moving despite life’s ups and downs.

“Heaven must be like this, got me filtering with death cause life’s a bi–h / I maintain pushing my speakers, way past the limit / Blowing on gas, burning my gas, my wheels stay spinning,” E.D.I. Mean raps on “Ridin”.

Be on the look for E.D.I.’s appearance on the all new ‘Rappers Ball‘ podcast hosted by Fredro Starr and Johnny Vulgar.


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