E.D.I Mean’s Love For Music Brings Him To “Classics In Session”

Twenty-seven years after making his mainstream debut, E.D.I Mean finds himself still going strong inspired by his love for music.

Appearing on ‘Flex’ which was featured on the B-Side for Tupac Shakur’s ‘Holler If Ya Hear Me’ single, Big Malcolm instantly put his fingerprint on the game.

“I’m gettin’ flammy on this 2Pac jammy / Yo, sittin’ and pissin’ on a b**** ass panty / Yeah, like it’s magic we comin’ on that ass massive / Better tap in or get your ass kicked / And if you plannin’ on rushin’, better stomp fast / ‘Cause in the flat, I snatch a badge out you mark ass.” E.DI. Mean on ‘Flex’.

Three years of sharing the mic with childhood friend and comrade Tupac Shakur, E.D.I inked his name into music history. Along with the Outlawz, the journey came to a halt with the exit of Hip Hop’s iconic figure. Only to then be left with the difficult task of carrying the torch, while putting on your best poker face, and attempting to find your own path. Not to mention, all this in your early twenties.

But, as E.D.I’s biggest inspiration, his mother, once told him, this is the legacy of an Outlaw. Anyone who has immersed themselves into his world through an extremely lengthy music catalog, can truly understand the words from this wise woman.

There’s no looking back, and at times it may seem like there is no looking forward.

Finding your way in the music industry is no easy task, especially if you are unwilling to soak up the “game”. E.D.I never had a problem with absorbing countless gems while working alongside who many call the G.O.A.T, in Mr. Makaveli.

Years later, removed from the Pac days, E.D.I took on the advice from an O.G who shared with him one of the secrets to longevity in the music business. Reinventing yourself.

E.D.I Mean

This gem was heard loud and clear, and E.D.I Mean would transform to EDIDON, as he focused on his solo career. The end result was his long awaited debut studio album, The Hope Dealer Pt 1.

After dropping his second studio album, Part 2 of The Hope Dealer series, E.D.I finds himself on the verge of coming full circle, as “The Hope Dealer” is ready to switch gears once again.

Musically I wanted to switch things up from the heavy subject matter of The Hope Dealer projects,” E.D.I tells O4L Online.

Regardless of the different alias, one thing remains the same, E.D.I’s love for the music. His competitive drive allows him to continue to make music in 2020. “I’m in a constant competition with myself to push myself musically. E-40’s last project, his 28th, also inspired me. I’m like, ‘Why not?!‘”

E.D.I will continue this ride as long as he can, but not if it means he has lost a step in his game. Addressing this with a tweet, E.D.I writes, “I so solemnly swear to stop rapping if I ever get corny. I love this shit too much not to.”

His latest project is set to prove he does not have to worry about “hanging it up”. E.D.I has dropped three new songs, since announcing the sequel to the popular O.G. Est. 1992 mixtape released in 2013. All which will appear on the new mixtape. ‘Rollercoasters‘, ‘Respect And Pride‘, and the hit single ‘Roses‘.

O.G. Part 2: Classics In Sessions, lead single Roses, was inspired by the passing of Nipsey Hussle, encourages those to show love for who are here with us today, not waiting for their untimely death to then be recognized.

In 2020, with the new project ‘O.G. Part 2: Classics In Sessions’ on the way, E.D.I finds himself appreciative, and ready for the next chapter in his music career. “I’m am grateful for it all. I take the good with the bad,” said E.D.I. “I’m ready for whatever.


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