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E.D.I Mean Says Left Eye Called Tupac Her Soulmate

During an interview with VLAD TV, Outlawz member E.D.I Mean gave his thoughts on the relationship between Left Eye and Tupac. Although E.D.I wasn’t around for their private conversations, he does acknowledge the close bond between Shakur and Left Eye.

Shakur and Left Eye met at a club where the TLC member instantly developed a major crush on him. Pac’s down to earth personality and realness attracted Left Eye so much that she according to E.D.I labeled Tupac her soulmate. “Left Eye had spoke about Pac publicly and said she felt he was her soulmate. That’s how close that they were, throughout both of their careers,” E.D.I recalls. “They had a special friendship.”

“She actually did a painting of Pac and wrote a special note to him on the back, E.D.I added. The painting E.D.I is referring to is the one Left Eye gave Shakur in 1992. Left Eye drew a portrait of Shakur with a special note on the back of the painting. Telling Shakur in the note that the two would end up together in 10 years.

Left Eye painting for Tupac Shakur

Unfortunately Left Eye and Tupac had a fallout. Things became problematic between the two when Shakur got word of the sexual relationship between Left Eye and Pac’s close friend Treach of Naughty By Nature. Tupac approached Left Eye, and the two cussed each other out.

Giving the fact that Tupac made it clear he only wanted a friendship with Left Eye, the fallout because of Treach made it that much more confusing.


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