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E.D.I. Mean Drops “Avant Mindstate” Official Video

E.D.I. Mean releases visuals for “Avant Mindstate”, the fourth music video to his “O.G. Part 2: Classics In Sessions” mixtape.

After dropping his second studio album, Part 2 of The Hope Dealer series, E.D.I found himself coming full circle, as “The Hope Dealer” was ready to switch gears once again. “Musically I wanted to switch things up from the heavy subject matter of The Hope Dealer projects,” E.D.I tells O4L Online.

“I often drift when I drive, Big spliff in my left hand / High as the sky, stuck in my own lane, ride till I die / Starrin’ at the world through my rearview, like / Why do we die at an early age he was so young, but still a victim of the 12 gauge,” E.D.I. raps on his solo performance “Avant Mindstate”.

The video was directed by Another FE’LA Film.


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