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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Heartfelt Message To Donald Trump

The world’s top box office movie star and WWE superstar, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Twitter with a video post to ask Donald Trump, “Where are you?”

The Rock, in the video posted via his Twitter account, questions the lack of leadership from President Donald Trump. Urging the President to stand up and unite Americans in this crucial time.

“Where are you? Where is our leader at this time. At this time when our country is down on its knees begging, pleading, hurt, angry, frustrated, in pain, begging and pleading with its arms out. Just wanting to be heard.”

The Rock is calling for the President to step up and ensure the American people that he is with them, and is listening to their concerns. “Where is our compassionate leader who is gonna step up to our country, who’s down on its knees and extend a hand and say “you stand up”. Stand up with me. Stand up with me, because I got you,” The Rock says in the eight minute video.

During the protests, there has been looting which have occurred Nation wide. The Rock makes it clear he does not support looting, but does not agree with Military force used upon protesters.

“This is what happens when you extend a hand and you reach out to Americans who are in pain and they stand with you,” The Rock suggests to President Donald Trump. “You’d be surprised how people in pain would respond when you say “I care about you”.

This wouldn’t be the first time The Rock has expressed his feelings since the death of George Floyd. Previously via his Instagram account stating, “Past few days I’ve been stunned trying make sense of George Floyd’s death. The video. The plea for breath. The callous response. The racism. The killing. This is our ongoing disease.”


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