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Dru Down Recalls Faith Evans All In Disguised To Visit Tupac

Oakland rapper, Dru Down appeared on Smoke-A-Lot Radio where he recalled Faith Evans visiting Tupac all in disguised.

Dru Down recalls the time Tupac, way before the All Eyez On Me album was completed, was listening to some of the songs to be featured on the album. Drinking champagne as they awaited Tupac’s special female guest. Shakur ensured Dru Down he wouldn’t believe who was stopping by.

Moments later there was a knock on the door and Tupac quickly ran through furniture and all to answer the door. According to Dru Down, it was a female covered in a black hoodie at the door.

Tupac Curved Faith Evans After Smashing Says Mac Mall

“The (female) looked like a grim reaper,” the rapper recalls jokingly. “The (female) looked at me so fast and said, ‘Hey Dru Down’. And I looked and I was like who the (hell) is this?”

To Dru’s surprise it was Faith Evans, the same Faith Evans he had just seen days ago with Biggie Smalls at the Roxbury.

This comes after two week prior Mac Mall shared an untold story of his own experience witnessing Tupac and Faith Evans. (Also watch: Tupac Curved Faith Evans After Smashing Says Mac Mall) According to Mac Mall he witnessed Shakur curve Evans, which was a clear indication the two had a previous encounter with one another.

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