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Drake On Pusha-T: Nobody Cares About Him, Admits To Taking An L

Rap Radar conducted a rare interview with Billboard’s Artist of the decade, Drake.

The interview has received mixed reaction. Drake who doesn’t do interviews, decided to conduct one at his home, as oppose of doing one on a platform such as the Breakfast Club. Much of the criticism is the feeling Drake took the easy way out, and avoided the hard questions.

Nevertheless, Drake did speak on various topics such as his beef with Meek Mill, Kayne West, and addressed the Pusha-T beef. When asked if he would be willing to squash the beef with Pusha-T, considering that he has done so with Meek Mill, Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, Drake doesn’t see that happening any time soon. Drake took a hard look at his previous beefs and weighted them out individual, wondering if it was really worth beefing.


Once he realized it wasn’t that big of a deal, he felt it was best no to put all that energy into something that was changing his lifestyle. “Well I’m at a great healing place in my life,” explains Drake. “It’s got to do a lot with me. It’s not a fun life, when you’re like just in a lot of beefs with people. You gotta check on who is gonna be at an event. You start moving different.”

Drake, Billboard's artist of the decade
Drake, Billboard’s artist of the decade

When it comes to Pusha-T Drake says, “I have no desire to ever amend anything with that person. That situation it just went where it went. There is no turning back. It’s not like those other situations.”

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Drake has been in rap battles before, so he can understand the dynamics of what comes with it, but Pusha on the hand went to far according to Drake. “I tip my hat to the chess move. It was a genius play in the game of chess. And, definitely warranted my first quote on quote lost in the competitive sport of rapping. By choice obviously, because I bowed out after realizing the gap between us, allowed to drop a bomb on the world, that became all anyone cared about.”

Admitting his lost to Pusha-T, Drake isn’t losing any sleep over it either. “I sleep well at night knowing I didn’t get out bared,” says Drake. “It was just he told the world, that the biggest artist at the time has a kid that he hasn’t told ya’ll about. So, I knew kinda for me it was over at that point. It wasn’t even about battle rap. The information was too shocking. Like I said on his part it was a genius chess move.”

At that point, Drake felt he didn’t want to respond back to Pusha-T. He wouldn’t allow himself to turn into something he wasn’t or create a track he himself wouldn’t want to hear two years later. Drake also felt Pusha went to far. Not to say there are written rules to follow in rap, but there is a point of going to far.

Did Pusha-T go to far in his rap beef with Drake?

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Ice Cube once said the same thing when it came to Tupac’s Hit ‘Em Up. Speaking to Genius, Cube explained why to host Rob Markman, “I think he went to far. If I’m mad at you trust me I could think of five verses for just you I don’t have to go at your family, your kids, your whole life. It’s one on one mano a mano in a way.” Other’s on the hand, felt Tupac had a right, given the fact he was shot at in New York, and what many call an irresponsible release of Biggie’s ‘Who Shot Ya?’.

Fast forward 1:05:00 to hear Drake speak on his beef with Pusha-T.


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