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Drake In Brooklyn For New Music Video, Watch Here!

Drake has never been one to rep anywhere else aside from his hometown of Tornoto, Canada. But as this exclusive video shows, Drake was recently spotted in Brooklyn, New York.

Billboard’s artist of the decade is seen miles and miles away from home. Drake was not just anywhere in Brooklyn, but in Marcy Projects for what appears to be a music video shoot.

Drake In Brooklyn For New Music Video, Watch Here!
Drake @ the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

As Drake is seen rapping to an unknown song, he also appears to be very uncomfortable shooting the video. This was quickly pointed out by many on Instagram. Drake is also sporting a New York Yankees jacket.

As many already know, Marcy Projects was once called home to Hip Hop artist Jay-Z. In his last album “4:44”, Jay -Z gave his hometown a new anthem with “Marcy Me“.

“Marcy me / Streets is my artery, the vein of my existence / I’m the Gotham City heartbeat / I, started in lobbies, now parley with Saudis / I’ma, Sufi to goofies, I could prolly speak Farsi,” Jay on Marcy Me.

That wouldn’t be the first time Hov showed love to his old neighborhood. From his “In My Lifetime, Vol 1” album, Jay teamed up with Beanie Sigel for “Where I’m From”.

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As far as, Drake in Brooklyn recording a music video, no word yet the name of the song or when it will be released. Video credit goes to Instagram user @sirboy_1.

Update: Drake talks about his visit to Marcy Projects in Brooklyn

Drake would later respond to those who said he did not look comfortable while shooting the music video in Marcy Projects. “That other clip under covers pulled up quick with the iphones out on my life. I was tryna see what was going on…it was all Marcy love,” wrote Drake on DJ Akademiks Instagram post.

Drake In Brooklyn For New Music Video, Watch Here!


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