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100 Miles Brand Owner Talks How Drake And Tupac Impacted His Line

In an exclusive interview with The Art Of Dialogue, founder of Canadian based clothing line 100 Miles, Garie Adamson talks about the impact of Hip Hop, Tupac, and now Drake had on his brand.

100 Miles brand debuted in 1992, influenced by urban culture and a desire to push the creative limits of fashion. (Shop the brand) Two decades later, and the brand remains to its original goal. A goal which consist of making high quality, concept-driven, and original designs.

Garie and his 100 Miles clothing brand would get an oppuritunity of a lifetime. Hip Hop icon, Tupac Shakur would end up wearing a hoodie made by 100 Miles in the movie ‘Above The Rim‘. Although Tupac at the time wasn’t an icon, but it was still Tupac Shakur, who had starred in Juice and Poetic Justice, not too mention two controversial Hip Hop albums.

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This wouldn’t be the only time a top Hip Hop artist from their era would show love and rep the brand. Twenty-five years later, Drake would do the same.

Drake And Tupac Shakur Rep 100 Miles Clothing Brand

Tupac’s 100 Miles Hoodie in Above The Rim

An opportunity that almost didn’t happen, and in fact, Garie Adamson initially turned down. “Friends of mine at the time were working on the set. They knew about me. They wanted to present my brand to ‘Pac. At the time when they call me I was like, ‘Nah man I sending you nothing. I don’t care about no movie. I’m dealing with EMPD on the next line’.”

“They consistently kept calling me. I was ignoring them to the point where I was hanging up on them. They got the producer of the movie or like another person on the movie set to call me, ‘young man this is an opportunity of a lifetime’. So, I said alright let me get together some stuff and I’ll send it to them. So, I sent them like whatever. And then when they presented it to ‘Pac, ‘Pac just asked, ‘Is this from a black man?’ And they said yes, and he automatically put it on.”

The surreal moment of seeing a top Hip Hop artist and movie star such as Tupac, wearing your clothing brand, took Garie’s breath away. “You lose a breath, you know what I mean. That was the feeling that I had. My heart skipped a beat. I was very spiritually that particular moment and thankful for seeing my brand now on the big screen, where I never ever visioned my brand ever at a young age. God rest his soul. The love that he’s given to me has been everlasting and immortal till this day,” says Garie Adamson.

Drake And Tupac Shakur Rep 100 Miles Clothing Brand

Tupac Shakur wasn’t the only artist to rep the 100 Miles clothing, various Hip Hop artists in the nineties supported the line. Onyx, EMPD, House Of Pain, KRS One, Fugees, and Bad Boy Records, to name a few.

Drake pays homage, Reps his hometown

Fast foward to 2019, and Garie Adamson almost made the biggest mistake of his career. His first mistake almost happened twenty-five years ago, when he initially didn’t want to send his clothing line to the movie set of ‘above The Rim’. Now, he didn’t think in a million years that Drake would be interested in his brand.

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“That was kinda crazy in itself. We had seen order come in online,” says Garie. “I saw the order in the night. Let’s say a Tuesday night, or even a Wednesday night. And, then in the morning I’m looking at this order, but at the same time I’m looking at an email saying, ‘Hey we’re with Drake, is there anyway you can get this to us as soon as possible.” Once again Garie wasn’t interested, primary because he did not believe the email was actually from Drake’s camp.

Regardless of the fact that Garie did not believe the order was actually for Drake, just like a good business man looking to satisfy a customer, he sent out the order asap. “The least I wanna to do is, I want to get it to them. So, I got it to them the same day,” says Garie.

Raptors Vs. Bucks Game 6

Drake would end up wearing the hoodie at the Raptors game in which they defeated the Milwaukee Bucks to advance to the NBA Finals. A finals that the Raptors would win and take home their very first championship.

Even though the Raptors were one win away from appearing in the NBA Finals, Garie did not want to jinx his hometown team. Instead he opted to not watch the game, thinking they would win if he didn’t. Well, at the end Garie had no choice but to watch the game, and either way the Raptors would win, but so would Garie’s brand.

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“I was just seeing my phone blowing up. My online was starting to go crazy. People telling me to put on the game. I’m like holly smokes. It is happening again, that whole feeling in my heart,” explains Garie. Déjà vu for the 100 Miles brand owner. A moment that went viral, and put his brand on mainstream once again.

Many saw Drake wearing black bandanna and 100 Miles hoodie as paying homage to Tupac Shakur’s character ‘Birdie’ in the movie ‘Above The Rim’. Beyond showing love to Tupac, it was also the Toronto connection. Drake being from Toronto and 100 Miles clothing brand based in Toronto. “Shout out Drake for the love, and the whole OVO crew, and thank you. We’re most gracious, and we’re trying to keep the brand, the momentum going,” says Garie Adamson.


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